In close collaboration with our customers and always backed by state-of-the-art technology, our experienced and qualified team offers our customers the best solutions. To get a better idea of ​​the scope of our services you can visit our portfolio.

Mold Project

We cover all stages of mold design, from partnership in product development to the smallest detail of the project in the most varied injection technologies.

Tool and Die Project

Combining the know-how with the most advanced technology, it allows us to provide design of the most diverse types of tools and dies.

Stamping Simulation

Supported by the constant partnership with the main raw material suppliers for a dynamic optimization of critical factors in a virtual testing environment, the stamping simulation allows to validate the entire process, making it a fundamental asset for the optimization of times and resources.

Product Development

The symbiosis between the creativity and the specific technical knowledge allows us the oriented development in order to simplify the production process, which means in itself, the lightening of the manufacturing process, thus causing a reduction of costs.

Jig Project

According to the requirements of the customer, we develop devices taking into account the best solution for optimization of construction and use in the production environment.