As usual at SB Molde, the last day of work before the holidays is spent outside the office, and is reserved exclusively for the SB Molde Challenge.
A day full of outdoor activities planned in surprise for our employees. It is a way to foster social contact between colleagues and create future memories .
We leave some moments from the past August 2nd.

We started early to prepare the first activity, we went to the karting track in Fátima, Funpark.

Race start. As you can see some of our colleagues were so confident that they decided to start without the hands on the wheel.

Lunch was for some an excuse to recharge batteries, for others it was one of the highlights of the day.

During the activity we were entitled to dives, some shoving and sabotage to the elements of the opposite board.


We still had time and space for dinner where we surprised a colleague and rewarded him for completing his degree in mechanical engineering.

Beginning of warm up. This was the time to warm up the tires and get to know the track for some, for others it was time to get to know the gravel 😀

The three youngest were the winners of the race, it has nothing to do with talent, age or weight, they were just the ones who spent the longest time on the track.

We started the activities in the afternoon with a giant paddle.

To end the day’s activities in a big way, we went as a group to experience the Speed Boat of Water Fun Nazaré.

Congratulations again.