Thinking on the Tools and Dies industry, we expanded our range of services with Stamping Simulation. This new service allows you to validate the tool you are developing through the digital simulation of the stamping processes.

This technology allows, not only, to identify material failure within the established parameters, but also to identify other defects in the part resulting from the combination of multiple tools, quality of the part surface, ironing, crushing and behavior of the thickness faces, only possible through solid simulation technology.

The calculation of  the sheet metal springback  is fundamental for the proper compensation of the tools geometry. Alongside with the optimized search for the trim line, they are fundamental for you to be able to improve the development and construction of your tools in a faster and closer way to the objective.

Save time and resources, and above all, make sure that your tool will work effectively. If you want to see some examples of these simulations, see our portfolio here.