SB Mold Lda. Was founded in 1998 in order to respond to the growing market in the area of ​​design and construction of plastic molds.

In 2001 the company suffered a restructuring and reorientation and since then, the company began to dedicate itself to the provision of mold design services as well as the assistance and sale of CAD / CAM / CAE software specific to this sector as well as tools and dies.

In view of the need for expansion and with the objective of greater diversification of activities, in 2009 a delegation was created in Águeda (Portugal), which has as its objective the realization of project for tools and dies.

Always supported by state-of-the-art technology, and with more than a decade of existence, SB Mold has consolidated its position in the market with ample evidence given in the performance of its various activities and currently has a highly qualified team.

Continuing our commitment to quality, which has always been a major concern, we intend to continue to optimize our performance to fully satisfy our partners and customers through the improvement of working methods and technologies with the total involvement of our team.